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Madame Snootsville is a character that appears in Bratz Kidz: Fairy Tales. She’s voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


Ambitious on having one of her daughters, Mindy and Sharon, marry the Prince, she refuses to let Cinderella (Yasmin) go to the ball for not finishing her chores. She is shocked to find out that Cinderella has no intentions of going to the ball despite it is what she's apparently been talking about recently, so she forces her to attend regardless, thinking the latter will try to steal her late father’s money and escape.

In the midst of the woods, the carriage breaks due to the exceeded weight capacity so the family decide to walk to the ball. They encounter Goldilocks (under the alias of Bertha) who claims she was turned into a stump by the Prince after she refused to sign a prenup. Shortly after, Rumpelstiltskin, who claims to be the Prince’s future mother-in-law, tricks them into believing that he (she) was turned into an onion for being a gold digger.

Completely disgusted and horrified, she takes her daughters back home and leaves Cinderella in the woods, allowing her to see the Prince. Unfortunately, due to her absence, this restricts Cinderella from getting into the palace.


Madame Snootsville has pale white skin, yellow eyes and ashy brown hair which is tied up into a bun. She sports a lavish red dress with matching shoes along with a silver pendant and earrings. She, like her daughters, speaks with a French accent.


Madame Snootsville is a wealthy yet selfish and arrogant woman. She along with her daughters are envious of Cinderella's beauty and their contempt for her has lead to her becoming a maid in her own house. She’s a socialite who’s ambitious on climbing the social ladder via marrying off one of her daughters to the Prince or someone else of a high status. She appears to be quite greedy and covetous, fearful that Cinderella will run away with her father's money in which she believes is rightfully hers.



Madame Snootsville is the second wife of Cinderella’s father, the biological mother of Mindy and Sharon and the stepmother of Cinderella.


  • Despite being the main antagonist of her story, she’s the only villain to have not teamed up with the others; unlike the other villains, she has no intent of actually killing Cinderella though she’s still willing to make her life miserable.
  • She’s loosely based off Lady Tremaine from Disney's 1950 Cinderella
  • Her French accent is an allusion to the original Cinderella (Cendrillon) book which was written by French author Jules Massenet.