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Mandy Pickett is a character that appears in Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz.


Mandy grew up in Hockwater Springs. She became a fan of Bratz magazine sometime after the magazines launched and entered her designs into the America Rocks fashion show. When the magazines owners, Jade, Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin came to Hockwater Springs they selected her as their first model. She was delighted.

However Mandy was not satisfied at merely being in the competition, she had to win at whatever cost. When they stop at the Side Explorer café, Mandy sneaks outside and puts thumbtacks under Burdine's truck, causing her to get a flat tire and be late to collect her second contestant.

When Tiffany is selected as Bratz magazine's second contestant, Mandy frames as a pickpocket by putting the Bratz belongings inside her bag. She then cuts Burdine's tires to further stop her from reaching New York.

Although Mandy manages to get rid of all the contestants but herself, the Bratz find and befriend Sharidan. When she can't convince them to not enter her, she steals the truck with Sharidan's designs inside, goes to New York and enters herself into the show wearing the stolen designs. Luckily the Bratz show up in time and Sharidan wins the show.

Not to be outdone, she steals the Diamond Boots and tries to flee but is caught by Byron's film crew and arrested.


Mandy has long red hair with green eyes.


Mandy appears to be sweet and overly grateful that she was picked to be in the show, however her true nature is soon revealed. She's cunning and evil and willing to murder her competitors to get what she wants.

Voice Actors


  • Mandy is a name of English origin that means lovable.
  • Mandy has never been produced as a doll.
  • She has the same voice actor as Zee from Genie Magic.
  • Despite growing up in the same town as Kristy, the two don't seem to know each other at all prior to meeting in the film.