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Milly is a character that appears in Bratz Babyz: Save Christmas. She is voice by Marcy Goldberg.


Milly is first seen drawing the potential suspect who pickpocketed William's father. William, who is furious that Santa gave him underwear last Christmas, tries explaining to her that everybody should know what Santa looks like and even tells her to give in her police badge. Enraged, she intimidates him and asks him to repeat himself. Stunned by how much money William's father lost (a thousand dollars), she promises to find the suspect and plans to deal with them in the harshest way.

Max attempts to make his escape from the mall via his truck whilst Milly, in her car, tries to pursue him but soon gets caught in a traffic jam, to her annoyance. On a freeway, she is pursued by a police officer for speeding, though she ignores him. As the two collide, she manages to free herself and handcuffs the officer, eventually stealing his police car as she continues to find Max.

As Max tries to escape the North Pole on a toy car with a million dollars stashed in the boot, Milly manages to catch him and tackles him. This heavily confuses the Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin and she explains to them that he is a crook. As she handcuffs him and takes him away, it’s revealed that she is actually his boss who he owes money to and has Reggie and Ralphie lock the babies up in the stable, to their reluctance.

The four make their escape, however, Reggie and Ralphie jump off and decide to help the babies save Christmas. The two try to get away but are soon outsmarted and crash, causing the two to fly off into the snow. Both Max and Milly are arrested by the real police officers who try to blame their crimes onto Reggie and Ralphie, though the head elf claims that the two are his new elves.


Milly has dark brown hair with light streaks whilst tied into a bun. She has an unusual pale skin tone, green eyes and brown lips. She deceptively wears a black police officer uniform to trick others.


Initially, Milly is believed to be an ambitious yet cold police officer who is keen on capturing Max, though it’s later revealed that she’s after him for his failure and plans to dispose of him. She is very selfish, not caring about the present she stole from the orphans, suggesting she hates Christmas too, and is heavily greedy.


  • Milly is a name of German origin meaning "strength".
  • She claims that harsh is her middle name, though this is obviously a joke.