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As the number of characters is limited, models are created whose sole purpose is to fill up the environment of the Bratz media universe so as to make the place more lively and realistic. These models are backgrounders, as their role is primarily to stand and walk around in the background while the characters do the story in the foreground.[1]

Characters are sorted by media type.

If you're a bit confused we recommend checking out the Monster High wiki page on Backgrounders.

Bratzillaz Webseries

Picture Known As List of Appearances Appearance Powers Information
Green Hair Dragon Girl
Red Hat, Green Hair Girl + Pet Furry Frenzy She has green hair and eyes and light skin. Her hair is green, curly and shoulder length. She wears a blue short sleeved top with a red skirt. Her pet is a green lizard like dragon. Telekinesis One of the students at Bratzillaz Academy. In Furry Frenzy she can be seen in the main hall levitating a golden ball with her mind (suggesting she may have telekinesis like powers). She is later seen throwing a green lizard-like dragon up in the air and smiling.
Black Haired Male Witch
Black haired male witch + Pet Furry Frenzy Black straight chin length hair, creamy white skin, brown eyes with thin eyebrows. He wears a black and red varsity jacket and brown trousers.

He has a small fuzzy troll like pet with horns and fangs.

Teleporation One of the students at Bratzillaz Academy. In Furry Frenzy he can be seen in the great hall talking to the Black Haired Female Witch. He impresses her by teleporting behind her using magic.
Black Haired Female Witch
Black haired female witch + Pet Furry Frenzy One of the students at Bratzillaz Academy.
Pink Haired Witch
Pink Haired Witch One of the students at Bratzillaz Academy. Can be seen in the episode furry frenzy where she makes a pair of shoes magically appear.
Blue Haired Female Witch
Flying Witch
Male Witch Wearing Suit
Black and White Witch
Pink Haired Witch (2)
A student at Bratzillaz Academy. Often seeing wondering the hallways with the other pink haired witch, which might be her twin judging from their similar appearance.

She is wearing the Romantic Spell fashion pack.

Pink Haired Witch (1)
Red Haired Witch
She is wearing the Blood-Red fashion pack.
Purple Haired Witch
Male Witch Wearing Cape
Green Jacket Male Witch
Red Bird
Blonde Haired Male Witch

Bratz TV Series + Movies

Picture Known As List of Appearances Appearance Information
Blonde Hair Dark Eyebrow Guy
Blonde Hairs, Dark Eyebrows Guy Fashion Pixiez, Dark, messy blonde hair and black thick eyebrows. Warm brown eyes. Always wears blue jeans, white t-shirt and black jacket. A student at Stiles High. Appears in Mr. Del Rio's classroom in Fashion Pixiez. Can often be seen walking around the school or by the smoothie bar.


  1. Credit to the Monster High wiki for this description and the idea for this page