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Nevra, known by her friends as Queen B, is a Bratz character first introduced as a doll in the Formal Funk Super-Stylin' Runway Disco playset and on-screen in Bratz: Starrin' and Stylin'.

Despite appearing in less than 20 lines and only one film, Nevra remains one of the most popular and well known Bratz characters outside the core 4 along with Meygan, Dana, Phoebe, Roxxi and Fianna.


Nevra lives in Stilesville, California where she attends Stiles high. She sometimes writers articles on fashion and friendship for Bratz Magazine.

Nevra came out as bisexual during Pride Month 2020.[1]



Nevra has dark seafoam green (or sometimes grey) eyes, long light brown hair and brown skin. She has 'Spice' tattooed across her collarbone. [2]


Nevra loves flared jeans, cropped tops and fishnets. She wears a lot of neutral colours with pops of green, orange and pink. She loves to accessories with silver jewellery and chunky belts.


Nevra's confident personality can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance. She's not afraid to tell it like it is, but she only does what she thinks is best. She's always the one to stand up for her friends and isn't afraid of a fight.



Nevra has one cousin, a model, who appears in the short story Rockin' The Runway in the Bratz Annual 2006.


Nevra is best friends with Dana and good friends with Cloe, Fianna, Jade, Meygan, Sasha, Phoebe, Yasmin, Cade, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan and Koby.



Main Article: Nevra and Roxxi

Nevra is in a relationship with Roxxi. Nevra and Roxxi came out together as a couple July, 2020 on the official Bratz twitter. It is not known when or how they met.


  • "Hi! My name is Nevra! My friends call me 'Queen B' because I'm sweet like honey and in charge!" [3]
  • "Nevra loves nothing better than silver accessories. Her lucky number is five and she loves the dancefloor!" [4]
  • "'Queen B' as she's known to her friends is guaranteed to have a wild life, and more importantly a wild wardrobe!"[5]
  • "Nevra knows exactly where to get the styles she wants, she's sweet like honey and always in control!"[6]


  • Nevra loves martial arts.
  • Nevra is the first confirmed bisexual character in the Bratz series.
  • It is unclear who voices her in Starrin' and Stylin' since her role is uncredited.
  • Nevra said in her instagram live that she is a vegan.




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