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The relationship between Nevra and Roxxi was first confirmed by the Bratz official twitter account in July 2020.



Roxxi and Nevra first interacted in the short story Rockin' The Runway in the Bratz Annual 2006. Nevra hires her friends as runway models after her model cousin drops out of the show. She refers to Roxxi (and Phoebe) as 'new friends'.

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Nevra and Roxxi dating sometimes before 2020 and came out together in July 2020, during pride month.[1]

They spent national cuddle day (January 21st 2021) together.[2]

In February 2021 Nevra made banana bread on Instagram live. She talked to Roxxi off camera and refered to her as 'babe'.[3]

In a Feburary 2021 instagram post it was revealed Nevra has 'Spice', Roxxi's nickname tattoed across her collarbone. [4]

They celebrated pride month together in July 2021.[5]

They went on a haunted house date to celebrate National Coming Out day October 11th 2021.[6]

On an April 2022 Instagram post, "Love is in the air, Bratz Pack! featuring Sweet Heart Meygan, Meygan's Love Meter Determines them as a real life Juliet & Juliet. They are very happy and Roxxi kisses Nevra on the cheek. [7]


They appeared together in the Pride collection.


They appeared together in the 2021 iOS game Total Fashion Makeover.


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  • They are the first canon gay relationship in the Bratz series.


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