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Nicole La Monde is a character that appears in Bratz: Go to Paris the movie.

Nicole is the highest paid model in France and the face of Jean-Paul's fashion line. Nicole is world famous, having been on many international magazine covers across the world. She lives in Paris, France.


In Bratz: Go to Paris Nicole is working as a model for a fashion designer for John Paul when the Bratz pack come to Paris to find out who has been poisoning John Paul's other models. Nicole mostly ignores the Bratz in favour of Cameron who she begins dating.

When John Paul has another nervous breakdown, Nicole invites new top model Jade to his home to calm him down. Whilst there Nicole poisons Jade with a serum that makes her turn old, angry at Jade for stealing her spot as top model. She reveals she framed her agent Elemina so she wouldn't have to pay her commission.

When Cloe goes to find Jade Nicole poisons her too. She tells Cloe that Cameron never stops talking about her, but with her gone Cameron will be completely hers. She covers her attack by telling John Paul Jade has food poisoning. She tries to kill Cloe and Jade by pushing their car off of a cliff, but her plan fails when Yasmin saves them.

Nicole attacks Sasha in the woods outside of Jean Paul's home. She knocks Sasha out, but Yasmin, Jade and Cloe stop her from escaping. Nicole is arrested by Byron and the antidote is administered to all the poisoned models.

Not much is known of what happened to Nicole after the film ended, but since she attempted to murder several people its likely she was sent to prison and will be there for a long time.


Nicole has long red hair, green eyes and tanned skin. She is tall, naturally very pretty and being a model has a very skinny, toned build. She has a mole above her lip. Byron describes her as having a 'million dollar face' meaning she must be very pretty to be worth a million dollars. However Jean Paul also describes her as 'super-model next door' meaning although beautiful she has a very generic, model like face.


Nicole is very selfish, caring only for herself and what she wants. She takes interest in others only when it benefits her and when a person can no longer help her get what she wants she discards of them. She is rude, often subtly insulting others she feels are below her, as seen when she calls Jade a beginner model and pushes Yasmin aside when she's talking to Cameron. Nicole believes because she is genetically gifted with being beautiful that she deserves to be the million dollar face of John Paul more than the other models. Showing she is entitled and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including poisoning her friends and co-workers and even murder.



Nicole develops a crush on Cameron upon seeing him and decides she will have him for herself. They go on many dates together but Nicole grows jealous when Cameron won't stop talking about Cloe. Their relationship ends when Nicole is sent to prison for attempting to murder Jade and Cloe.


  • Porsha from episode 2 of season 2, "The Cloe Life," uses the same character model as Nicole.
  • Nicole's surname La Monde translates to 'the world' in English.
  • Nicole also makes an appearance in Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz. When an commercial for the America Rocks fashion show is playing at the very beginning of the film, Nicole can be seen walking on a catwalk along with other models.
  • It is unknown who voices Nicole since the role is uncredited.
  • Nicole sometimes struggles with her English as seen when she tells Jade she had 'Elemina pictured' instead of 'framed'.
  • Jean Paul calls Nicole 'Angel' which is normally Cloe's nickname.
  • Nicole has never been released as a doll.
  • Nicole is the first Bratz antagonist to actually attempt to murder the Bratz.