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Passion 4 Fashion Careers In Style was released in 2008 as part of the Passion 4 Fashion brand.

A book, Passion 4 Fashion Careers In Style, was released with the doll.


The doll was unveiled March 19th 2008 at the Diesel Kids Toronto Runway show.

"My first real experience in fashion was dressing my dolls when I was a little girl," says Beker whose extensive credentials include Host of FashionTelevision, Editor in Chief of FQ and Sir Magazines, contributing writer for numerous news and lifestyle publications, mother and international fashion celebrity.  "This launch brings together two of my personal passions - fashion and dolls - and I can't think of a better way to celebrate this moment than with a world-class fashion doll and fashion show led by Diesel Kids."

"When we learned that Jeanne Beker was working on a kids' book entitled Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style, we knew immediately that this was a perfect partnership opportunity," says Diane Goveia-Gordon, President of MGA Entertainment Canada, pointing out that the Bratz dolls are branded internationally as 'The Only Girls with a Passion for Fashion.'  Goveia-Gordon adds, "Bratz is all about empowerment, diversity and self-expression, as is Jeanne's book.  The partnership was truly meant to be."

The Jeanne B doll is the first ever Bratz doll inspired by a real-life celebrity.  The Jeanne B doll comes with fun fashion reporter accessories including a backstage pass, camera, microphone and a Bratz limited-edition copy of the new book.  It also includes a notepad and backstage pass.  The book-doll combination retails for $29.99 and is available at Toys R Us, Zellers and The Bay.[1]


An all access pass to the world of fashion! Bratz Passion for Fashion : Careers in Style doll and book. This exclusive Bratz doll is a fashion reporter and was inspired by Jeanne Beker - a Canadian Fashion icon! She is an all new character named Jeanne B - and has a true passion for fashion! She comes with Jeanne Beker's latest tween book, illustrated by Nathalie Dion, that teaches you all about the amazing careers within the fashion industry. So start reading and start planning your career in the wonderful world of fashion!

Jeanne B[]



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