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Pet Show is episode 6 of season 1 of the Bratz animated series.

It was adapted into a book, The Kittynapper.


Jade and Burdine Maxwell enter their pets into the International Pet Show. Jade and Burdine Maxwell soon realize that a mean, vicious petnapper, Chachi, is kidnapping dogs and cats throughout Stilesville so that his mutt will win the contest.


Jade and Mica pose for photos that are going to be printed in Bratz Magazine alongside Yasmin's article "What Your Pet Says About You". Cloe has to leave the shoot early due to her cat allergy.

Chachi, the owner of a gourmet food company, is launching a new line of designer pet accessories and wants to be featured in the magazine. He gives Jade a monogramed silverware cat bowl to be featured in a "Fine Dining" photoshoot. However just before the photoshoot his pet dog, Joanie, chases Mica away.

Chachi rings a silver bell and Joanie immediately runs to his side, showing of his impressive training. He announces he's planning to put Joanie in the upcoming Stilesville Annual Pet Show. Yasmin tells Jade she should enter Mica, as the prize is $5,000 which could go towards Yasmin's pet rescue group, The Pet Protectors.

Meanwhile Burdine is planning to enter Royale into the pet show. The year before Burdine won first place in the show, but as she was accepting the award Joanie ripped a hole in the back of her skirt, humiliating her. Burdine is determined to win this year as Royale has won three years in a row, but this was due to Burdine bribing the judges. She fears she might not be able to bribe the judges this year.

Burdine orders her assistants, Kaycee and Kirstee, to kidnap Jade's cat Mica and hold her until the show is over so he doesn't beat Royale. They go to the office but Mica runs around and attacks them. Kaycee is eventually able to grab and steal the cat.

Upon returning to the office Jade realises her cat is missing and begins to cry. The girls ensure her they will find Mica. They distribute posters of Mica around town and begin to notice there are many posters of other missing pets. Yasmin receives a phone call from Amy, who works at The Pet Protectors. She tells her there's been a lot of pet knapping's lately. Jade freaks out and phones Chachi to warn him, but he tells her it is too late - Joanie is already missing.

Back at Your Thing office Kaycee and Kirstee decide to lock Mica and Royale in a cage together and watch them fight. When Burdine tells them to come fix her flat tire they leave the office unlocked and someone breaks in and steals the cage with Royale and Mica inside.

As Cloe is out looking for Mica she bumps into the thief carrying the cage. She apologises and helps the man with his stuff, but when a charm from Mica's collar drops onto the floor Cloe realises Mica must be inside the cage. She chases the kidnapper down but loses track of him when Sasha hits her with her car.

Burdine asks Cameron to fix her flat tire when Kaycee and Kirstee aren't able to. He agrees but upon inspecting the tire he realises someone slashed it on purpose. Her replaces the tire and Burdine pays him with a copy of Your Thing magazine.

Burdine returns to her office to find Royale missing and accuses Jade of stealing her. She confesses she stole Mica and thinks Jade stole Royal in revenge. After accusing each other of being a pet thief Cloe shows them the charm that fell out of the kidnappers cage and the two realise both their pets have been kidnapped by a stranger. The two have a breakdown and agree to work together to find their pets.

Yasmin inspects the scrap of pet blanket Cloe was able to rip of the kidnappers cage. They decide to take the blanket scrap to Chachi to see if he can identify which brand made the blanket so they can track down who brought it.

They got to Chachi's pet food factory and show him the blanket. He cries to them about his dog Joanie being missing, but does not recognise the blanket.

Jade finds pink dog hair on Joanie's bed and lifts up the pillow to find a blanket matching that of the kidnappers. She leaves with Burdine and tells her that the pet bed was warm, meaning Joanie has been using it, he knows who owns the pet blanket as he owns several of them and he had pink dog fur in his office. They two come to the conclusion that Chachi is the pet napper.

Jade tells Sasha who rings the police. Cameron, fearing Jade will get hurt trying to save Mica, gets on his motorbike and rushes to the factory. Burdine and Jade find Royale, Mica and numerous other missing pets locked in cages at the back Chachi's Factory. Chachi appears and Jade asks why he would kidnap their pets. He tells them the sales of his new line of pet accessories are plummeting and he has to win the Stilesville Annual Pet Show to promote it and increase sales. He hired someone to kidnap Joanie's competition to ensure he wins.

Since they found on Chachi's secret he decides to kill them and turn them into dog food to hide the evidence. Jade is able to fight of the kidnapped whilst Joanie corners Burdine and Royale. Cameron arrives and pulls Joanie away and ties his leash to a post. Chachi sneaks up behind Cameron and hits him on the head with a stick and Mica attacks Chachi's face.

Jade is stuck on a conveyer belt headed for a food processor. Cameron runs alongside the platform but falls of when Chachi opens a hatch below his feet. Burdine saves Jade by throwing her a rope which she uses to swing of the conveyer belt and knocks Chachi into a vat of hot dog food.

Burdine bribes the judges of the pet show, including Byron, into letting her win. The presenter asks Jade and Burdine what they will do with the prize money. Jade tells the audience she will donate the money to The Pet Protectors charity whereas Burdine plans to buy new shoes. However when the audience boo's, she quickly changes her answer and says she will donate the money to charity.

Burdine wins the show but because of her answer the prize money is donated to the The Pet Protectors charity instead.

Jade is happy to have won second place as long as the money goes to Yasmin's charity.




  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Workin' Overtime." (Instrumental)
  3. "I Won't Stop." (Instrumental)
  4. "Doin' It Right." (Instrumental)


  • The first and only time Burdine cries on-screen.