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Phoebe, known as Sugar by her friends, is a Bratz character that was first introduced as a doll in the Twiins line.

Phoebe is one of the most produced Bratz characters outside of the core four along with Dana, Roxxi, Meygan and Fianna.


It is unknown where Phoebe is born, but it is thought she moved to Stilesville when her sister Roxxi formed Rock Angelz. She began attending Stiles High. She sometimes writes articles for Bratz Magazine.



Phoebe has fair-skin and blue eyes. She seems to have long naturally brown hair like her sister, but often dyes it crazy colours like red, blue and pink. She has a mole above her lip.


Phoebe has a fashion passion for heavenly hip looks in soft, fluffy fabrics, truly angelic! Just like her. Her style is more girly than her sisters. She likes pink, fitted and colorful clothing, skirts and blouses.

In the I-Candy commerical she is described as being "the worlds most dazzling fashionista".[2]


Phoebe is as sweet as can be, and so is her style! That's why all her friends call Phoebe 'Sugar'. Phoebe is always concerned about other people's feelings, which is why her friends come to her for advice! If you're looking for a girl to dish the latest boy drama with or just sit down and talk about your feelings, no matter what Phoebe is always there for you.



Phoebe has a twin sister named Roxxi. Despite being opposites they get on well, although Roxxi often borrows Phoebe's clothes without asking.[3]


Phoebe is good friends with Cloe who she enjoys playing tennis with. [4] She's friends with Yasmin, Dana, Sasha, Jade, Nevra, Fianna, Cade, Koby, Cameron, Dylan and Meygan, who she goes to school with. She seems close to them as they have often go on vacation and to parties together.


Phoebe has a pink duck.


  • You can call me: Sugar
  • Fave Food: Chocolate
  • Fave Smoothie: Orange
  • Fave Books: Love Stories - I like anything that touches my heart!
  • Fave Movies: Romances - I snuggle up on the sofa with chocs (chocolates) and a box of tissues to watch 'em!
  • Fave Music: Love Songs - I like music that touches my heart!
  • Shopping Style: Discovering boutiques and cute lil' shops and finding styles that nobody else is wearing![5]

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Quotes by and about Phoebe

  • "Phoebe's as sweet as can be, and so is her style! She always thinks about other people's feelings - that's why her friends come to her for advice!" [6]
  • "Phoebe's as sweet as can be, and so is her style that's why her friends call her "sugar!". She's always concerened about other people's feelings, which is why her friends (and her twin sister Roxxi) come to her for advice!"[7]
  • "Hi my name is Phoebe but my friends call me "sugar" because I'm as sweet as sweet can be!"[8]


  • Phoebe’s annual artwork depicts her as being a princess, it’s unknown if this was a sign she was meant to appear in the Princess line or not.
  • Phoebe was the first character with a beauty mark over her lip, and the second/third to have a beauty mark in general after Yasmin.

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