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Phys. Ed Funk was a line of Bratz sports equipment first released in 2003.

A second wave was released in 2004.

Beauty Bike[]

  • Description: With a totally hot look that includes white-wall tires, oversized handlebars and front and rear reflectors, this is one ride you just can't pass by!

Beauty Skateboard[]

Cruisin' Skateboard[]

  • Description: This incredible Bratz skateboard includes wheels that sparkle, awesome art, and a handy strap for extra safety!

Denim Helmet[]

Luscious Lip Slumber Bag[]

Sizzlin' Mini Skateboard[]

  • Description: This incredible Bratz skateboard includes wheels that sparkle, awesome art, and a handy strap for extra safety!

Sizzlin' Safety Gear[]

  • Description: This Sizzlin' Safety Gear set for your knees and elbows features funkadelic elastic fishnet overlay and a bonus beauty boa!

Stylin' Scooter[]

  • Description: With sparklin' chrome, sizzlin' white wall tires, and a funkadelic "vespa" inspired look, getting around never looked this good!

Super Stylin' Skates[]

  • Description: These roller-skates capture all the attitude and style of the girls with a passion for fashion™! With precision bearings, sparkling translucent blue wheels and toe-stopper braking system, the time has come to hit the pavement in style!

Totally Hot Helmet[]

  • Description: Your safety just became more fashionable with this funkalicious Bratz helmet that includes stylin' fishnet over the helmet shell, fur trim and plush straps! One size fits all!


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Phys. Ed Funk
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