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Pinz is a nightclub in London where the Rock Angelz held their first concert. It first appears in Bratz: Rock Angelz.


Burdine and Your Thing Magazine are invited to the opening of Pinz in Rock Angelz, but Burdine dismisses the invite as junk. It is saved by Jade, who describes Pinz as "the most happening new punk rock club". Nigel calls it "tacky".

Despite being invited, when the Bratz arrive at the club opening they're not on the guest list and only get to go inside because Yasmin saved Byron's dog.

Save the Universe[]

Save the Universe was a benefit concert held on the second night of Pinz opening celebration. Bratz Magazine had tickets taken from Your Thing magazine and backstage passes given to them by Byron, however both were stolen by Kaycee and Kirstee.

Since bands were the only people allowed in without a ticket, the girls formed the Rock Angelz. When Crash broke up, Roxxi joined Rock Angelz who went on stage in Crash's place.

They revisit the club again in the Rock Angelz video game.

Rock Angelz perform at the club in the beginning of Genie Magic.

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