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Prudence Maxwell is a Bratz TV character that makes one appearance in the Season 2 episode, Extremely Made-Over.

She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.


Prudence grew up in a small town and moved to Stilesville to accomplish her dream of working for a fashion magazine. Judging by her accent, she might be from the South of the USA.

When Prudence's aunt, Burdine decides to retire from Your Thing, she picks Prudence to take over the magazine. She requires Prudence to first go undercover as an assistant at Bratz Magazine and steal their ideas to prove herself.

Prudence comes to Stilesville after scoring an interview with Bratz Magazine as their new intern. She is hired on the spot after she helps the girls clean up the office and get organised.

Burdine orders Prudence to steal Bratz Magazine's exclusive interview with Evan Moles. Prudence writes a fake interview and give it to Burdine, but when the Bratz see her handing the file over, they believe it's the real interview and fire Prudence.

When they find out the truth they race to find Prudence. They offer her her job back, but she has already accepted an offer to be Evan's stylist on his tour.



Prudence has long, slicked back, brown hair, creamy white skin and green eyes.


Prudence is shy, awkward and clumsy. She often trips over her own words, breaks things and falls over.

She attempts to backstab people, as everyone in her family is a backstabber. It isn't until she meets the Bratz that she realises it's okay to be nice to other people and you don't have to be mean all the time.



Prudence is the niece of Burdine. Burdine calls her Prudie.

Burdine has a twin-sister, Burnice, who may be Prudence's mother, or another aunt.

She has a grandmother, who is mentioned a few times by Burdine in the show.

According to Prudence, everyone in the family is a backstabber.


The Bratz encourage Prudence to flirt with True to improve on her social skills. The first time she is awkward and stumbles over her words, but the second time she is pleasant and the two walk off together.


Prudence and Evan first meeting when she and the Bratz interview him for the magazine. He calls her smart and likes her fashion advice so much that he offers her a job as his stylist.

The Bratz Pack

The Bratz Pack instantly take a liking to Prudence and teach her how to flirt with guys. When the Bratz find out Prudence betrayed them, they fire her. When they realise their mistake, they race to find her and apologise.

Kaycee and Kirstee

Prudence seems to think they're a little odd and vice versa.


  • Prudence name is a Medieval form of the Latin Prudentia, meaning prudence, i.e. good judgment.
  • She shares a character model with Tiffany, Cally and Fianna.