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Puppy Love is a Bratz book released in 2007.


It's Valentine's Day, and the Bratz are super-psyched about planning the school dance. But their excitement comes to a crashing halt when their friend Vinessa announces that she won't go to the dance unless she has a date. The Bratz are totally bummed and desperately try to find a way to persuade her. Will they be able to convince their friend, plan the dance, raise money for the town's puppy shelter? If anyone can save the day on such a busy schedule, the Girls with a Passion for Fashion can!


Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha are preparing for the school's Valentine's Day party at Yasmin's house. Yasmin chairs the dance committee. Jade handles decorations, Sasha chooses the music, Cloe controls refreshments, and Dylan DJing.

With the decorations sorted, the girls climb into Cloe's car and drive to the mall. They head to Unique Boutique to pick out dresses for the dance when they bump into Vinessa. They invite Vinessa to join them, but she announces sadly that she can't go to the dance without a date. The girls invite her to the dance with them, and she tells them she'll think about it and agrees to try dresses with them.

Jade picks out a dress by the new designer, Betsey Lederhosen, and the other girls pick out their outfits. They complimented each other on their outfit choices and headed to the smoothie bar. Yasmin invites Vinessa to join the Valentine's Day party committee, but she declines, not wanting to plan a dance she won't attend. Vinessa thanks the girls for the shopping trip and leaves. Cloe tells the girls they must find Vinessa a date to cheer her up.

The next day at school, the girls interrogate Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, and Koby about Vinessa. Yasmin asks Eitan if there's anyone special he plans to invite to the dance, and Eitan thinks Yasmin is asking her to be his date and accepts her invitation. However, Yasmin is embarrassed and runs away, making an excuse about the school paper.

Cloe secretly hopes Cameron will ask her to the school dance but sacrifices her dreams for Vinessa. However, when she tries to convince Cameron to bring a date, he mistakes this for her, excluding him from their friend group, and storms off. Cloe gets upset, and Sasha comforts her. Sasha then takes the upfront approach and asks Koby to take her friend to the dance. However, Koby thinks Sasha is talking about Cloe and refuses, stating that Cam would never forgive him.

Finally, they ask Dylan, who agrees to take Vinessa to the dance. However, Jade thinks this idea could be better and tells him to forget it.

Dylan explains the girls' plan to Eitan, Koby, and Cameron, and at lunch, Cameron apologizes to Cloe and Eitan to Yasmin. Then, Yasmin announces that the school newspaper is doing a cover story on a local pet rescue center called Have-a-Heart and wants to make the dance a fundraiser for the rescue. The shelter plans to bring puppies to the dance for students to meet and adopt. The girls are excited.

To convince Vinessa to come to the dance, Yasmin organizes for them to get makeovers at the Stylin' Salon 'n' Spa before the dance and then have a sleepover at Cloe's house afterward. They tell Vinessa the plan, and although she is happy to go to the spa and slumber party, she still refuses to attend the Valentine's Dance. The girls decided to tempt her there, and they'll send her anonymous Valentine's Day cards.

The next day Vinessa excitedly tells the girls about her card, and the girls realize they've made a mistake, as Vinessa will be hurt when she arrives at the dance to find out she has no date. So instead, they make up a new plan to adopt a puppy for her as her date. They go to Vinessa's house to ask her mother's permission to get a puppy. Her mother happily accepts, stating that Vinessa has long wanted a puppy.

They go to the shelter and meet Mrs. Engel, who helps them pick out a brown and white puppy they named Valentine. They plan with Dylan to store the puppy for the night and bring him to the dance. Vinessa joins them at the spa for their makeover, and then they get ready and head to the main event. Everything is going well until Dylan tells Cloe that Valentine seems to have escaped his crate.

They search everywhere for the puppy while the girls take turns distracting Vinessa. Cloe eventually finds Valentine napping in the coat check area and gives her to Dylan to give to Vinessa. Vinessa is overjoyed, and Dylan shyly asks her to dance, to which she agrees. Vinessa wins the Have-a-Heart Queen position and thanks her friends for convincing her to attend the dance.

Vinessa tells Dylan he is free to visit her and Valentine anytime, to which he smiles. She then goes with Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin to Cloe's for girls' night and thanks them for being such good friends.



  • Betsey Lederhosen, the designer in the story, is a parody of Betsey Johnson

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  • The book can be read for free online with an account on