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"Pur-Fecting Boy Chat" is the 4th episode of the Bratzillaz webseries.


The Bratzillaz help prepare Sashabella Paws for her first video chat with her crush, Igneus, as she is very nervous.


Whilst Yasmina is practicing her magic on Winkers, Sashabella bursts into her room and begs for her help. She tells her she's been talking to a boy named Igneus and he wants to video chat.

Sashabella is worried she will embarrass herself. Yasmina looks into Sashabella's future using her crystal ball and tells her everything will be fine. Meygana, Jade and Cloetta tell Sashabella that they would never let her make a fool of herself.

They go to the computer lab and Sashabella practices video chatting Igneus with the girls. Sashabella is embarrassingly awkward. Cloetta tries enchanting Sashabella to make her sultry, spicy, shy, funny and snappy, but none of the results are good.

Eventually Meygana and Sashabella come to the agreement that the best thing is to just be yourself. Sashabella video chats with Igneus, who turns out to be just as nervous as she was.



  1. "Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)"



  • Scenes from this episode were seen in Double Trouble, when Yasmina looked into the future.