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Rock is a Bratz TV character that appears in Season One episode, "It's Not About Me" Week and the book of the same name.

Although Rock only has two official appearance he can often be seen walking around the school and in classrooms in episodes of the TV series and some of the movies.


Rock lives in Stilesville and attends Stiles High.

"It's Not About Me Week"[]

Whilst Rock is in the cafeteria enjoying a drink, Kirstee shoots a paper ball at Yasmin, who dodges, causing it to go into Rock's mouth. He marches around the hall trying to find out who it was who shot the ball at him when he unknowingly is kicked by Dylan who is practicing his karate moves.

When Rock recovers he chases Dylan around the cafeteria and threatens to "Squash him like a bug". When he attempts to punch Dylan Yasmin jumps to his defence and punches Rock in the stomach. Rock feels humiliated when the other students laugh at him and tells Dylan he's dead meat as soon as he recovers from Yasmin's punch.

He is later seen walking around the school parking lot and Stilesville Mall looking for Dylan and cussing him out as Dylan hides behind cars and menus. Finally he runs into Dylan at the smoothie bar and although Dylan at first seems ready to fight, he runs away once Rock comes towards him.

Whilst backing away from Rock, Dylan falls into a pick-pocketer and knocks him to the ground. When Rock see's this he backs away from Dylan, fearful of his karate skills.



His hair is auburn and cut into a flat top crew cut.


Rock wears a large, black leather jacket, white t-shirt, light wash jeans, and red sneakers.


Rock is the typical bully character that picks on people, including Dylan. He has a very brash personality and walks around with an attitude that scares people away. He usually has an angry disposition and gets irritated easily. But he does seem to have a softer side when it comes to Roberta, his girlfriend.



Rock had a crush on Roberta but never asked her out because he thought she was too hot for him. After Jade gave Roberta a makeover to try and impress him, he told her she was too stylish and "stuck up like" for him. However, Rock later decides Roberta must be crazy for getting such an extreme makeover, so he asks her out. The two begin dating at the end of the episode/book.


He begins bullying Dylan because he kicked Rock in the face on accident, which Rock thinks he did on purpose. But then makes amends with Dylan at the end of the episode.


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