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Sasha, known as Bunny Boo by her friends, is one of the four original core Bratz characters introduced in the Cool Bratz line.


Sasha was originally named Hallidae, she, like the rest of the core girls was designed by Carter Bryant who was inspired by a group of teenagers leaving Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri.

Carter's original description of Sasha was an African American girl named Hallidae who "plays drums and spins the turntable, studies French, acting, political science.” [1]Sasha has appeared in every single Bratz movie except Lil' Bratz Party Time.

Sasha, like Jade, plays a more secondary role. Whilst Yasmin and Cloe appear in almost every line, Sasha and Jade are often left out or replaced by other characters, such as Meygan or Dana.


Sasha was born and lives in Stilesville, California. She attends Stiles High and works a part-time job at B-Hit Radio as a DJ. She is a singer in the punk-rock band, Rock Angelz, the pop group, Space Angelz, and is one of the founders of Bratz Magazine where she works as the music editor.



Sasha has brown skin[2], long dark brown wavy hair and hazel-green eyes. In earlier artwork she was often drawn with a widows peak and bigger, thicker hair than the other girls.


Taking cutting-edge streetwear to a whole new level, Sasha's fashion passion of beanies and jeans recalls the heyday of hip-hop with all the contempo cool of R&B soul! [3]


Sasha is a sassy girl, who is no fear of confrontation or situations and she is very organized; she knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! She has a bad temper, which often leads her into trouble. Nevertheless, Sasha cares about her friends, is always ready to stand up for them and no one would dare mess with her friends because she always has their backs! She takes the mother-role of the friend group and is often the one saving Cloe from her dramatic freak outs and breakdowns.

Fashion is a huge part of Sasha's life, but music is even more important to her. She enjoys dancing and hip-hop and has a passion for urban styles and street fashions. Overall, Sasha is very confident, determined and when it comes to R&B and hip-hop music perspective, she is known to be a great natural leader. She wants to be a record producer with her fashion line as a career.



Sasha has a younger sister, Zama. Her father appears briefly in Sleep-Over Adventure and fully in the live-action movie version along with her mother, Alison. She has one cousin, Sashabella.


Sasha's best friends are Cloe, Jade and Yasmin. She is also very close with Dana, Roxxi, Nevra, Meygan, Katia, Sharidan, Fianna, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby and Cade.



Roxxi introduces Cruise to her friend and Rock Angelz bandmate Sasha in Bratz: Go to Paris the Movie. The two are immediately smitten with one another. Cruise gives her a rose, calls her beautiful and asks her out on a date. Although Sasha is excited to go she has to cancel due to work obligations, upsetting Cruise. After Sasha sees a picture of Cruise and Aloncé cozyed up together in a magazine she assumes Cruise is dating her and decides to end the relationship. She ignores all his calls and attempts to contact her. However at the end of the movie she agrees to talk to him and admits that he and Aloncé are nothing more than friends. The two agree to continue dating.

In a 2021 Instagram post, Sasha confirmed she is single, meaning the two broke up at some point.[4]


Main Article: Dylan and Sasha

Sasha and Dylan have been paired in collections consistently, which can sometimes be seen behind-the-box and have often been illustrated many times in correlation to other well-known Bratz romances in earlier years. In the CGI series, Dylan seems to be the only person that Sasha is comedic with, since she often makes jokes toward only him. It is unclear if Sasha has/had mutual feelings toward Dylan, but despite this, they are one of the most popular pairs in the Bratz Fandom.


In the a short story featured Bratz Magazine, Issue 6, Eitan asks Sasha to attend the school dance with him.[5]


In a 2011 blog on the official Bratz website, Sasha writes about being romantically interested in a boy named Miles.[citation needed]


Sasha went to prom with Koby as shown in the commercial and promotional images for the Formal Funk line.

Relationships Status

In a 2021 Bratz Instagram account, confirmed Sasha is single when they posted a looking for love advertisement for Sasha and other characters. Her statement read "Lookin' 4 Luv In the Wrong Place. Streetwear style Bunny Boo seeks like minded hansome hottie to go dancing with. Me, pop culture junkie addicted to gossip mags with a passion 4 being in the spotlight. You, calm, cool and collected with great music taste!"[4]


  • Nickname: Bunny Boo
  • Fave Color: Red
  • Lucky Number: 2
  • Fashion Passion: Ol' School and New Funk
  • Best Body Part: Hands
  • Fave Food: Cookies
  • Fave Music: Hip-Hop and Jammin' Soul
  • Fave Smoothie: Blueberry
  • Shopping Style: Looking out for styles to suit all my friends.[6]



  • "Hi I'm Sasha, my friends call me 'Bunny Boo', because I hop to my own beat! My fashion passion is streetwear-chic with hip-hop influences. I'm always jamming to the hottest tunes and sharing them with friends!" [7]
  • "Better put on your shades. My spotlight shines bright, and I'm going for it all - fame, fortune & friends!"[8]

Likes & Interests

  • Sasha's favorite styles of dance are hip hop and ballet.
  • Outside of dancing Sasha enjoys singing, rapping, playing her guitar, and scratching her turntables.


  • The name Sasha means "defender, helper of mankind".
  • Sasha is a unisex name which originated in Eastern and Southern European countries as the shortened version of Alexander and Alexandra. It is unknown if Sasha's name is short for Alexandra or not.
  • Sasha's zodiac is Leo, since she was born on August 3rd.
  • Sasha shares a name with a character from MGA Entertainment sister brand Moxie Girlz, who was introduced in 2009.
  • In 2015, she was referred to as the "Queen Bee of the group" on the official Bratz account on Facebook. [citation needed]

Media Appearances


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