Bunny Boo

Spirital Animal


Sasha is one of the four core characters of the Bratz pack. Her friends call her Bunny Boo because she's into the Hip-Hop Thang. Sasha has dreams as big as her personality. She wants it all: Fame, fortune and, of course, friends.


She has dark skin with long dark brown hair. She often has red-brown hair too. Her eyecolor is dark green.


Motto: Live out loud

Spirital Animal: Bunny

Hobbies: Anything performance related, dance classes, Shakespeare classes, creating YouTube videos of my make-up skills

Favorite Color: Red-violet

Favorite Food: I’m always on-the-go, so I prefer smoothies and energy drinks

Favorite School Subject: Social studies and drama club

Fashion Passion: Street style and anything experimental and avant-garde... I love to be daring

Love to Read: Biographies of successful people

Love to Watch: Edgy comedies


Sasha's closest BFFL is Yasmin. But she's also BFFL with Jade, Cloe, and Raya.

Other Information

  • Fab Performer
  • Fiercly Loyal Friend
  1. TakeABow
  • Before 2015 she was into music and being the next big music producer, while her new personality is more about her being the next big star on the screen
  • Sasha was introduced in 2001 as one of the original girls