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This article is about Sasha's Father in the animated series, books and movies. For the the Father of the live-action movie character, check out Sasha's Father (Live-Action).

Sasha's Father is a mostly unseen and unnamed character that is mentioned in some Bratz media.

Due to have a different background and story to Sasha's Father in the live-action movie, they are classed as different characters.



He lives on Robin Lane, in Stilesville with her family.

Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure[]

Sasha's father walk's his daughter and his friends to Ginger's House for a sleepover. At the end of the movie Sasha mentions briefly that her parents are having friends over for a party while she's not home.

Bratz (TV Series)[]

Sasha mentions her Father a few times in the Bratz TV series. In the episode "It's Not About Me" Week, she tells Kaycee her parents will kill her if she get's a scratch on their car. When Kaycee crashes the car, Sasha's parents ban her from driving the car for 3 months.


From her brief appearance in Sleep-Over Adventure, Sasha's father has brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin.



She has two daughters, Sasha and Zama and a niece Sashabella.


In Bratz Babyz Save Christmas, he and his wife go on a skiing vacation with Jade's Mother and Father, Polita, Portia and Tom so it seems they are close.


He is married to his daughters mothers.

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