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This article is about Sasha's house in the animated movies, series, books and playsets. For the house belonging to Sasha from the live-action movie check out; Sasha's House (Live-Action)

Sasha's House first appeared in Starrin' & Stylin'. It is located on Robin Lane [1] in Stilesville, California.

Sasha lives there with her parents and presumably her sister.


List of Appearances[]

Sleep-Over Adventure[]

The exterior of Sasha's house is seen briefly in Sleep-Over adventure when the girls run to escape from Gingers ghost. In the movie she says she lives on Robin Lane.

Starrin' & Stylin'[]



The exterior of Sasha's house is briefly seen when Cloe picks her up for school.

Her bedroom is seen later when Yasmin is trying to call her. The inside of her bedroom is orange and there's a stack of records next to her bed.

  1. Sasha tells Meygan she lives on Robin Lane in Sleep-Over Adventure