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Sashabella Paws, known by her friends as Tribal Cat, is a Bratzillaz character introduced as a doll in the 1st edition of the Bratzillaz doll line and on screen in the Bratzillaz webseries.



Sasha has white hair with black streaks, brown skin and glowing yellow eyes.


Sashabella loves faux fur, mixing it up with patterns, funky hats and fuzzy boots! With her fierce fashion style and bewitching personality, she keeps the animal kingdom under her spell![1]


Sashabella can have attitude, but she is gentle and kind to everyone. She is very much the mother of the group and always looks out for her friends.


Sashabella has the magical ability to talk to animals.



Sashabella has two cousins, Sasha and Zama.


Sashabella is best friends with Yasmina, Cloetta and Meygana and good friends with Fianna, Vampelina and Levitor.

She seems to be particularly close to Jade, who she shares a dorm with at Bratzillaz Academy.



Sashabella meets Igneus on the internet. The two chat for months before they first video chat. Sashabella is nervous, but eventually agrees to the video chat. It goes well and the two are later seen attending the Midnight Beach party together. Sashabella refers to him as "Purrrrfect Igneus".[2]

The pair later went on a movie date [3] and attended the Spooky Spring Dance together.[4]


In a deleted scene in the Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight) music video, Levitor and Sashabella share a kiss.[5]


  • Power: Animal Communication
  • Witchmark: Tribal Cat
  • Pet: Fluffnscruff
  • Favorite Color: Underground Earth Tones
  • Favorite Food: Tofu Fly Burgers
  • Favorite Smoothie: Poison Ivy Tea
  • Favorite Music: Ferocious Funk
  • Favorite Class: Animal Languages
  • Favorite Passion: Fierce Faux Fur


  • "I’m all about frighteningly fabulous faux fur and furry friends. I can chat with animals too – and trust me, they have A LOT to say."[6]
  • "Grrrr! I’m all about frighteningly fabulous faux fur and furry friends! I can chat with animals... so let’s get fierce!”


  • Sashabella's magic spell is "Fluffinscruff! Striped hair of cat! Bratzacadabra, give me animal chat!".
  • She is sometimes called "Sasha" in the webseries, which is also her cousins name.
  • Sashabella shares a voice actor with her cousin, Tia Mowry.





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