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Summer Vacation Super Secret Water Park (Header)

Summer Vacation Super Secret Water Park is a unreleased Bratz Kidz playset that included Carlyn.

It was suppose to be released in 2007 but was never released for unknown reasons.

A version of the playset was posted on Canadian Facebook Marketplace in 2020. It is unknown if the set was only released in Canada or the person somehow had access to the prototype.


Every day's an adventure for the kids with a passion for fun! With the secrets in the Bratz Kidz Summer Vacation Super Secret Water Park, it's an adventure for you too! Cleverly hidden within the pool set is everything you need to for summer fun! Features:

  • 2-in-1 Pool Playset Plus Real Summer Fun Set for You
  • Introducing Bonus Bratz Kidz Carlyn
  • Lounge Contains Real Working Radio
  • Lounge Chair Becomes 2 Hair Combs for You
  • Real Working Shower for Bratz Kidz™ Becomes Spritzer for You
  • Smoothie Bar Dispenses Real Body Lotion for You
  • Smoothie Bar Roof Becomes Sun Visor
  • Pool Floatie Become Surfboard
  • Pool Becomes Carrying Case for your Beach Fun Kit