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The Movie was a line of Bratz dolls released in 2007.

The line is supposed to represent the girls attending the premiere of Bratz: The Movie.

The line also included several playsets.


Now that they're starring in their own live-action, theatrical release movie, the Bratz™ are in the spotlight!   Luckily, they're prepared to walk the red carpet for the big premiere with glittering, glamorous Hollywood fashion!   These are the most posable Bratz™ ever, so they can stop to pose for the paparazzi-- YOU!   You get to be a paparazzi with the real working camera, so you can always catch your Bratz™ good side!

The stars of “Bratz: The Movie” are ready to walk down the red carpet in their glittery dresses at the premiere of their Hollywood movie. These are the most pose-able Bratz ever, so they can stop to pose for the paparazzi. “The accessories that come with these dolls will be very interesting to little girls. The girls can be creative and imaginative,” Reagan Holmes, of MGA Entertainment’s public relations department, told TDmonthly.[1]


The girls featured a new, more poseable body type with added joints at the elbows, wrists, upper arms, and mid torso. They also featured rooted eyelashes, glittered full-length gowns, and each came with a camera. It is important to note that the cameras are film-based, but do not come with film (though some later editions did include film), and the flash boxes are strictly pretend.


  • Version One: Packaging has "Bratz The Movie" logo. Comes with camera, camera film. faux shawl and purse.
  • Version Two: Same as V1 but does not include camera film.
  • Version Three: Same as V1, but the logo is the official Bratz film logo, including a picture of the actress.
  • Version Four: Same packaging as V3, includes everything but faux shawl.
  • Version Five: Sasha comes with a sneak peek DVD of the film. Does not include camera film, purse or faux shawl.










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