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"The Rrr-runway" is the 5th episode of the Bratzillaz webseries.


The Bratzillaz pets star in their very own fashion show after they feel left out of seeing the Bratzillaz have one.


The girls throw a runway show for their Fashion Design Class. Afterwards, Yasmina uses her powers to look into the future to see what grade they will get. She learns they will get an A+ and the girls begin to celebrate. However Jade's powers tell her someone near them is sad, but they can't figure out who and they assumed the Toola Twins because they’re not doing very well in class.

Later, when Jade is awoken again by the same sensation that somebody is sad. It is then she and Sashabella notices Kissifuss and Fluffinscruff playing amongst her clothes and realizes they are the ones that are sad.

Jade explains to Meygana, Cloetta and Yasmina that their pets are sad because nobody makes clothes for pets. Using magic, the girls design clothes for all the pets and throw a pet runway show. The pets are super happy and everybody has a great time.




  1. "Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)"


  • Clips from this webisode were featured in Double Trouble when Yasmina looks into the future.