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The Witch is a character that appears in Bratz Kidz: Fairy Tales. She is voiced by Pauline Newstone


The Witch has held Rapunzel (Cloe) captive in a tower ever since the latter's father stole from her garden. She is first seen transforming Goldilocks into a tree stump as punishment for trespassing. Her pet crow, Stevie, informs her that Rapunzel has escaped, prompting her to fly back to the tower and to force Cloe to go back inside. As punishment, she forces her to play a game of Checkers, to the former's delight. Cloe seemingly gets the upper hand by taking the Witch's wand, but fails to cast a spell on her. She decides to cook Cloe (and Chadwick) via dangling her above a boiling cauldron and even transforms Rumpelstiltskin into an onion as an ingredient. Luckily, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade, thanks to the help of Goldilock's directions, arrive just in time and a battle between the witch and the girls ensues. Sasha uses her broomstick to rescue Cloe and the steals the her wand in the process. The girls throw the wand and broom into the fire, destroying them for good. Completely powerless, the witch sobs in defeat and a vengeful Stevie picks her up and places her in the tower.

Later on, Stevie informs the girls, who are trying to find Jade, that the witch is free again as he was heavily convinced to let her down from the tower. When The Wicked Queen begins chasing all the girls after they not only foil her plans but also surpass her beauty, the Witch soon joins in and chases Rapunzel. Shortly after, she fights over Rapunzel with the Queen and the two are eventually pushed into a deep well by the girls.

After the Big Bad Wolf falls into the well too, the Witch and the Queen have formed an unlikely friendship, complimenting each other's wicked personalities. All three team up to defeat the girls so the wolf can have his meal, the witch can have company in the tower, and the Queen can become the fairest in the land.

By nightfall, they encounter the girls in the woods and begin to chase them, but an onion Rumpelstiltskin trips the witch up and she sprains her leg in the process. Unbeknownst to her, Goldilocks and Rumpelstiltskin, now back in their human forms thanks to Yasmin's (Cinderella's) Fairy Godmother, the two see that the witch has no powers and so they throw her back in the well. Offscreen, she shouts in horror and defeat once again, never to bee seen again.


The Witch is a hideous old woman who initially holds magical powers, though when this is stripped away from her, she's merely a weak old lady. She has unusually grey skin, green eyes and crooked beaky nose. She sports a tattered brown robe with a hood that covers her hair.


Like her original storybook counterpart, the Witch is a wicked and ruthless woman who is keen on keeping Rapunzel locked up forever. She seems to be very sadistic, taking pleasure out of transforming her enemies into objects and even takes joy out of forcing Cloe to play checkers with her. Although she wants company, she is still willing to cook Cloe alive though later on, she simply just wants her back in the tower. Despite her old age, she appears to have a good memory as she has kept count of the amount of times Cloe has tried to escape; 33 times.


  • Her first defeat is an allusion to some adaptions of the Rapunzel in which the witch accidentally loses her grip on Rapunzel's cut hair and ends up being trapped in the tower forever.
  • Her final fate is left ambiguous
  • She bears some resemblance to Miss Fortune and The Desert Trader from Bratz: Desert Jewelz.