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To Catch A Thief is episode 15 of season 1 of Bratz: The Series.


At the Wilderness Spa, the Bratz try to discover the identity of a mysterious cat-burglar who's been stealing jewels from the hotel's guests.


After two guests are robbed in less than 24 hours the Wildtime Wilderness Spa offers a $10,000 reward to whoever catches the thief and returns the stolen items.

Dylan narrows the suspect list down to Damon, Gertrude, Byron and Nigel. Kaycee and Kirstee suspect Burdine stole the jewellery to pay for more plastic surgery and decide to turn her in so they can use the reward money to start their own magazine.

Whilst the Tweevils follow Burdine to find evidence of her crimes, Sasha spies on Gertrude, Jade on Damon, Cloe and Cameron on Nigel and Yasmin on Byron. Yasmin watches as Byron takes a pearl necklace, identical to the one stolen, out of a locked case. Yasmin isn't convinced the thief is Byron so the girls hatch up a plan to search his room for clues.

Yasmin and Cloe distract Byron with their idea for a reality show whilst Sasha and Jade search his room. They find a diamond bracelet inside a bag hidden under his pillow. Cameron and Dylan try to distract Byron from returning to his room before the girls can escape. However they are unable to make it out in time and Sasha and Jade are forced to hide under the bed. Unable to find the stolen necklace in the spa hotel, Cloe and Yasmin head out to look for it in the woods.

Byron catches Jade and Sasha in his room and they ask him to explain the stolen necklace. He tells them he's working on a new reality show "To Catch A Thief" and he'd come to the hotel to catch world-renowned jewel thief, Damon Van Doren. Yasmin had seen him switching Damon's real diamonds with fake ones.

Cloe and Yasmin go into a bear cave and find a box full of stolen jewellery. Damon ties them together with rope and places them in front of a bow and arrow which will fire at Yasmin if they set of the motion detector. He then leaves them to go on another date with Burdine. At dinner he attempts to drug Burdine but she refuses to drink the coffee as she only drinks non-fat cappuccinos. She invites him back to her room to look at her show collection. Once inside Damon knocks her out with a lamp and steals her diamond tiara. When Byron bumps into Damon and notices the Tiara he knocks Byron out and places him the room with Burdine.

Yasmin escapes the cave by using her necklace to divert the arrow being shot at her. Damon stops them outside the cage, armed with a baseball bat. Yasmin grabs the chest of jewels and launches it at his head. They fight Damon, eventually knocking him out and take the jewels back to the hotel, where they are given the $10,000 reward. They donate the money to the Q Hotel Wilderness Program for City Kids.




  1. "Bratz TV Theme."
  2. "Me & My Girls." (Instrumental)
  3. "Who Dunnit."
  4. "Blue Sky." (Instrumental)
  5. "Invincible." (Instrumental)
  6. "Doin' It Right." (Instrumental)

Mistakes & Errors[]

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  • At 1:38 Sasha reads a magazine that is upside down.


  • The title card that appears at 1:03 is a parody of Charlie's Angels.