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This article is about Yasmin's house in the animated movies, series, books and playsets. For the house belonging to Yasmin from the live-action movie check out; Yasmin's House (Live-Action)

Yasmin's house is located in Stilesville, California. It made it's first appearance in Starrin' & Stylin'.

It makes several appearance in Bratz media and her bedroom has been released as a playset a handful of times.

It is a different location to the house Yasmin lives in in the live-action movie.


List of Appearances[]

Starrin' & Stylin'[]



The exterior of Yasmin's house is briefly seen when Cloe picks her up for school.

Her bedroom is seen later when she is trying to get apologise to her friends. The inside of her bedroom is yellow and contains a bed, bedside table, desk and bookcase. Her bedding is pink and white and her bed is home to several stuffed toys. On the wall above her bed is a picture of what appears to be a group of people dancing.

On her desk she has a computer, stationery and a flash light. On her shelves there are dozens of hardback books.

Sleep-Over Adventure[]



Yasmin's Bedroom


Yasmin's house is a two-story home with a flat roof and a long sloping driveway.

Yasmin's bedroom is a recolour of Cloe's. The walls are orange and white, there is a desk, bed, TV and bookcase. Unlike Cloe she doesn't have any plush toys in her bedroom.

The kitchen is green and white with a kitchen island, spinning bar stools and hanging pots and pans.

Girlz Really Rock![]


A small part of Yasmin's walk-in-wardrobe is seen at the beginning of the movie. It's blue with clothes hanging on each side.

World Yasmin's House Playset[]

In the World Yasmin's House playset her room has pink cushion walls and wooden floors. There is white vintage vanity, wardrobe, pink fluffy rug, floor lamp, mirror and shoe cupboard.

World Yasmin's Room Playset[]

In the World Yasmin's Room playset her room has green wallpaper and dark brown flooring. Along with the furniture from the "World Yasmin's House" playset shown above, she had a pink canopy bed, a gold ornate mirror, a plush purple armchair and matching footstool.

Bedroom Phone Case Playset[]

In the Bedroom Phone Case playset Yasmin's room has a pink bed, a vanity, mirror and chandelier. On her wall are photos herself and her friends.



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